According to a recent report by Canada’s University of Victoria, the U.S. National Organic Standard is the most reliable eco label for seafood that is truly organic and a much better indicator of true green credentials than eco labels that are issued by retailers such as Whole Foods or Marks & Spencer.

Twenty eco labels were studied in the report and the two issued by retailers were in the bottom half of the ranking. Ranked number 13 was the U.S. retailer Whole Foods Market and ranked number 19 was the U.K.’s retailer Marks & Spencer

It seems that 4 of the top 5 eco labeled seafood’s ranked in the How Green is Your Eco-Label? came with an organic eco label that seemed to be more valid in predicating the “greenness of your seafood” than were the industry eco credentials.

U.S. Grocery store chain Kroger stated in October that by 2015, it plans to source all its fish form sustainable sources and that 65% of its wild caught species already meet criteria for being sustainably sourced .

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